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I think this will be an awesome tool/place we can talk and keep the spirit of the game alive and fresh in our minds! This could perhaps be a place for all those “campfire discussions” etc and other stuff we would talk about and do that we don’t have time to do in game also. We can do this in our own campaign forum under the forum tab. Edit: need to subscribe to get that feature first, so just go to the temporary forum over on the adventure log tab to talk unless someone has better ideas..we also can talk in comments

Check out the adventure tab where James has given a recount of last session, nice work Chun!
I have also been adding to it and editing it and we strongly encourage you to do the same! :)

We can even make our own Wikipedia for our campaign! Have a click on the Wiki tab, I will make some silly examples for now but we could have info on Dwarrowhame..the Gods.. economy.. politics.. etc. each with their own sub categories. Could possibly even separate information based upon what characters can see it (in other words know it). Eg. info on gods might be restricted only to the characters who have ranks in knowledge (religion). Not sure, just throwing ideas out there.

I’m presuming there might be a little resistance from you Marcus to this as you probably don’t like the thought of digitizing the game when it should be just pen and paper, but I think it’s just a nice supplementary tool and gathering point. I think we could actually add more depth and fullness to our characters, interactions and campaign in general using this resource.

For example, in the forums we could be having character conversations about everyday things or discussing battle strategy. I think obviously some common sense would need to apply, so if we were in the middle of a very dangerous dungeon not wanting to make much sound and between sessions talking on here we shouldn’t be talking about doing that random thing in town etc.

The key word here is “Supplementary”.

Also father, I don’t know how you feel about very specific details about our characters or items, so you probably need to make a call on that.

But pretty excited about this, let’s load some maps of Orb we have, the Crushers warehouse and anything else relevant :)

This is our own online portal, so let’s bring it to life and make it awesome!

Warm regards,
Very very warm regards…

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