Earth Hammer

Grey stoned handled dwarven warhammer, with basalt head, good balance.

weapon (melee)

Major Enchantment: + 3 attack and damage rolls
Greater Thundering: 1d10 Sonic damage
Sundering (+ 1): This weapon attacks as if you had the Improved Sunder feat
Terran ???
Summon Earth Elemental: Once per day by striking the ground as a standard action, you can summon a large Earth Elemental to fight alongside it’s weilder. This effect is identical to Summon Natures Ally V and lasts for 12 rounds.


Current owner: Chungeddin Balderk
Earth Hammer was one of the weapons recovered from the underwater Kraken lair in the Goblin Tooth Mountains. It has strange abilities unrecognised in current magical weapon archives. Particularly the thundering damage it performs with each strike. Bannockburn Dranik suspects the weapon may also be intelligent, but it would require more powerful divination magic to determine this.

Earth Hammer

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