Temple of Tiamat #5

Sub Level 1: Seige in the Tavern!

After having dispatched the Efreet Mandralknor, several adventurers grabbed a weapon each off the walls as his now apparent extra dimensional forge violently shook and then collapsed in on itself. With great new weapons in hand, those that took one soon discovered that each had a soul entrapped within and that each weapon had a personality and purpose.
Chun had claimed _____
Glim had claimed _____
Lyle had claimed _____
Thwibble had claimed _____
Cliff had claimed _____
Santin had claimed _____

We agreed that assaulting the upper level would overwhelm us, so instead we decided to set up booby traps and make a stand in the tavern. It wasn’t long until a probing force had found us and commenced an attack. Facing no less than the 3 surviving stone golems, they were also joined by 6 trolls and 3 large blue dragons. With the aid of barricades, fog spells, bullet traps and a prismatic wall, we were able to attack the foes on our terms.

The Golems were pushed into a pit of mud created by Bannok, while the Dragons bypassed our defences with the aid of an Imp Sorcerer. We wore them down and Glim killed one with poison from a Prismatic Spray. This death scared off the other Dragons who fled through the Prismatic Wall only to succumb to it’s Violet colour and dissappear into another dimension. The Trolls were worn down through our barricade and then started to retreat. Bannok teleported Cliff and Glim behind the Trolls with a Dimension Door, then blocked their escape with a spherical wall of force. Glim gave in to the whims of his new weapon by casting a Tensors Transformation, becoming a fighter and then chopped down the rear Troll with a fury from the Giants Bane weapon.

To be continued…



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