Grat Went Splat!

The crushers tracked down and killed Grat, the Butcher of Nuln

(Following is the GM’s summary)

Recent life in Dwarrowhame.

For a Tenday after Gratt’s demise his body and later his head was displayed on a pole in the Victors Square, Gloryside; for the two tendays that followed were a flurry of popularity, feasting, drinking in taverns, celebrating, official presentations, and much back slapping around Dwarrowhame. Chun’s crushers became minor celebrities for a day and for many days afterwards people whom knew you and people who you didn’t realise knew you came up to you and chatted, wanting to know the details of the battle.

There was an official medal award ceremony where Chun, Grumnok,Gyruss, and Lyle were given promotions and medals, (as explained at the end of the last session).

For a while there were a few nights of revelry. After about 2 tendays this died down and life returned back to ‘normal’.

For the last 2 months (3 Earth Months) the Crushers have been residing in Dwarrowhame and on light Military Duties.

Their are 3 Chun’s Crushers presently in Dwarrowhame, training and relaxing.

Chungeddin: Under orders from Logistics Command has been learning armour skills at a blacksmiths forge, working daily with mainly dwarves and gnomes in medium sized forge. Developing skills in forging, repairing, and maintaining armour. Most of his time is spent panel-beating plate armours, sometimes wiring chain. Aiming to learn about joints and pivots.

Grumnok: By order of drill commanders has been Training with soldiers and pitfighters in Gyms. Powerlifting, resistance and endurance training. Occasionally asked to wait around as a guard in drinking establishments, break up nonlethal fights, and liaise with Civil Defence Military Police.

Lyle: By direction from Clergy Wing has been looking after crippled Totally Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) war veterans in Hospices and Nursing Homes of the Sisterhoods and Brotherhood of the Goddess Innoka. All TPI veterans require daily care. All have been down to -10HP or lower, but wounds were cured before the injuries removed – therefore have become permanent. Works occasional emergency shifts, and repatriation treatments with new arrivals, but most often with Halfling care workers of the aged and incapacitated.

Gyruss Requested and was granted leave, had accrued leave due long recent service in Quartermaster Corps. Gone back to bohemian settlement in Hill Boroughs region north of Dwarrowhame to communicate with friends. Purchased expensive wines and dining-ware before leaving. Also looking around to find person to talk with whom he remembers from his past. Person was an expert in dragons (follows them like some people follow sport or military history).Gyruss said he will be back in Dwarrowhame later.

Kreiger Spent most of his time in Dwarrowhame shapechanged as a dog, only resumed natural form of Half-Orc inside warehouse or at guard checkpoints. Was increasingly unhappy with the way Orcs are treated by Dwarrowfolk. Did not like the fact was ignored by army and not allowed at official victory celebrations or military presentations.

One day, just wandered off.

Erevan Has been working for Gnomes repairing devices, such as clockwork timing mechanisms. Had a going-away party for Dwarrowhame friends in a tavern one night. Gone back to Wodenhome, forests of the Elves. Journey northeast of Dwarrowhame over the Inland Sea of the Star. T’was a friendly night at the party, chatting with lots of different people making money in the various trades. Good mix of gnomes, elves, fey, and dwarrowfolk present at party. Sense motive detects subtle pressure from females in social group to settle down and marry.

Grumnok and Chun live in the warehouse, and Lyle stays there sometimes when not at overnight duty in the hospices and nursing homes.



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